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Cannabis Regulation Update

In response to the passage of Prop 64, beginning January 1, 2018, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control will be implementing and enforcing regulations on the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and sales of cannabis. The term “Adult-Use Cannabis” is used to express “Adult Recreational Use,” where 10 mg. of THC is considered to be one dose. The term “Medicinal Use Cannabis” is used to express different criteria in regulations; especially for maximum THC allowed per package or container, which can vary widely.  A set of Emergency Regulations affecting both medicinal and adult-use cannabis will be used during the Transition Period between January 1, 2018 and July 1, 2018. See below under CA Regulations Update for more information.

For information on the effects of THC and how to talk to teens about the new law and potentially risky products to be aware of, go to the California Department of Public Health’s new website of resources:

Let’s Talk Cannabis  or go to: Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Each local municipality has the ability under Prop 64 to determine their own regulations as long as they do not undermine state regulations. Contact your local city council person to learn about your city’s cannabis ordinances and keep up to date on Placer County’s Cannabis Ordinance below:

Placer County Cannabis Ordinance

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CA Regulation Update