Facts About Marijuana & How to Talk with Your Teen

For information on the effects of THC and how to talk with teens about the law and potentially risky products to be aware of, go to:

Weed Whacked Film & Discussion Guide

Weed Whacked is a 19 minute film for youth ages 12-17 filmed in Tahoe-Truckee as a collaboration between Gateway Mountain Center and The Future Without Drug Dependence Coalition. It features young adults ages 18-23 telling their personal stories of cannabis use, what attracted them to using, what they noticed about their use and how they ultimately quit with the help of friends, family, community resources and focusing on their “natural highs” as an alternative.

A Parent’s Guide to a New Epidemic


Local and State Regulations

Each local municipality has the ability under Prop 64 to determine their own regulations as long as they do not undermine state regulations. Contact your local city council person to learn about your city’s cannabis ordinances.

Educational Cannabis Prevention Videos

This is a collection of carefully curated prevention videos for educators and parents to utilize as education and discussion tools when working with middle and high school youth. Please explain beforehand that this information relates to youth substance use and not adult use. Review each video before using to assess appropriate content and subject matter for the lesson and ages being served.

Download Educational Cannabis Prevention Videos

Surprising Truths About Legalizing Cannabis

In this fascinating talk at TedX in Denver, expert Ben Cort speaks on some of the important issues on how marijuana is being marketed.

Cannabis Use Dependence or Cannabis Use Disorder is real

The Other Side of Cannabis Movie

This film discusses Cannabis Use Disorder, Cannabis Use Dependence and the risk of mental illness with cannabis use; especially for teens before the brain is fully developed.  To order this powerful 17-minute DVD visit

Health Risks of Marijuana Use for Youth and Pregnant Women

Marijuana and the Teenage Brain

Mental Health Risks for Youth Who Use Cannabis (THC)

Download Marijuana Rack Card as Printable PDF in English & Spanish

Research & Publications

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Marijuana Safety Prop 64

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