Events & Trainings

Rocklin’s Hot Chili Cool Cars September 2017

Coalition for Placer Youth members, the Arevalo family of Rocklin, helped spread prevention information to participants of Rocklin’s Hot Chili Cool Cars event September 2017. Over 170 bags and over 1700 materials were shared with event attendees to inform parents and attendees about stress management tips, alcohol, prescription drug and marijuana prevention information. This was all done in the name of fun with stress brains and a kid’s car wash for young ones to cool off in.

Youth Lead Press Conference in September 2017 Regarding the City of Auburn’s New Social Host Ordinance

Placer County Youth Commissioners and Placer High School students led a Press Conference in September 2017 regarding the City of Auburn’s new Social Host Ordinance which holds adults accountable for allowing underage drinking or other drug use at parties or gatherings.

Pictured here from left to right are Principal Caminiti, Placer High School, John Ruffcorn, Public Safety Director and Chair of CALY, Supervisor Jim Holmes, Mayor Matt Spokely, Jeff Brown, Director of HHS, Shelley Rogers, CALY Program Director, Christina Ivazes, Public Health Educator and CPY Program Director, Youth Commissioners Claire Jordan, Catherine Colella, Claire Breckenridge, Placer High School student Blake Baughman, and Youth Commissioners Allisyn Marks and Rahul Bavirisetty.

Placer County Trauma and Resilience Summit 2017

The Placer County Trauma and Resilience Summit brought together agency stakeholders, educators, law enforcement, human service professionals and people with lived experience to learn more about the impact of adverse childhood experiences and community resilience. The afternoon world café focused on action planning to establish resilience building systems and policies within each agency, district or organization. CALY partnered with the County Office of Education and other community organizations to host this first ever Resilient Placer Summit.

Placer County Trauma and Resilience Summit

National Coalition Academy (NCA) 2017

The National Coalition Academy (NCA), a comprehensive training program developed by CADCA’s National Coalition Institute, teaches leaders the essential processes to establish and maintain highly effective coalitions. The NCA’s training curriculum is organized within SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework. Four CALY members participated over the 3 weeks of classroom training that took place in Del Mar, CA between April and September 2017.

2017 Raising Placer Summer Leadership Retreat

The Coalition for Placer Youth partnered with even more organizations for this year’s 2017 Summer Leadership Retreat, making it a true example of the Raising Placer Collaborative. There were 75 attendees (50 were youth). Youth from Boys and Girls Club, Placer County Youth Commission, and students throughout Placer County learned leadership skills and the most current information on tobacco, drug, and alcohol prevention. Sessions included: self-care for leaders, teen wellness, the effects of sleep deprivation, stress, mindfulness practice, how to be trauma-informed peers, and how to utilize social media for good while avoiding becoming an online target.

Team bonding activities taking place during the cool morning of the 2017 Raising Placer Summer Leadership Retreat at Quarry Park in Rocklin. These awesome activities for the 75 attendees (50 youth and 25 adult advocates) were led once again by the wonderful Paul Burke from Blacktop Comedy along with our new partners at the Placer County Y.E.S. Program for young people at risk. Everyone loved these activities before the summer heat set in.

2017 Office of Traffic Safety Youth Summit

The Coalition for Placer Youth sponsored three Rocklin high school students this year to attend the 2017 Office of Traffic Safety Youth Summit in Anaheim. This event is produced by both the Office of Traffic Safety and Friday Night Live. Over 700 high school students from across California trained and shared the prevention work they are doing in their communities. Placer County youth from several county organizations shared the work being done to reduce underage drinking and binge drinking by passing Social Host Ordinances across the county.

The Northern California Cannabis Summit May 2017

The Northern California Cannabis Summit in May 2017 focused on increasing our capacity to prevent adverse consequences in our youth. The Summit brought together  experts, existing research, leaders from public health and local policy makers to focus on solutions, policies and practices that reduce the negative impacts of legalization in our communities and our schools.  Pictured here is Ariel Lovett, CoRR Deputy CEO, sharing information about the student assistance program as an evidenced based intervention resource for schools.

The Northern California Cannabis Summit

CALY Hosts Forum on Underage Drinking and Other Drug Use April 2017

The Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth (CALY) hosted a Community Forum on preventing underage drinking and other drug use in April 2017 at the Auburn State Theatre. Partnering with more than a dozen local organizations and sponsors, we brought together parents, teens, and local resources for this engaging forum to bring to light some of the most challenging issues facing youth, families and our community.

2017 SAMHSA National Prevention Day & CADCA Leadership Forum

The Coalition for Rocklin Youth sponsored three Placer County Youth Commissioners (PCYC) to attend the 2017 SAMHSA National Prevention Day and CADCA National Leadership Forum in Washington D.C. CADCA is the federally funded organization that supports Drug-Free Coalitions across the U.S. through ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy). Commissioners attended a 2 1/2 day training on Evaluating Community-Driven Strategies to Prevent Underage Drinking Parties from the Wake Forest School of Medicine. These PCYC members continue to use their training experiences to present their case for increasing Social Host Ordinances across Placer County.

Shawn Wang, Claire Jordan, Catherine Colella

Stand-Up Get Down Youth Event November 2016

The Stand-Up Get Down event held November 2016, was sponsored by the Rocklin Parks and Recreation Department, Coalition for Placer Youth, Auburn Hip-Hop Congress, the Placer County Youth Commission, the Coalition for Auburn & Lincoln Youth, Rocklin Parks and Recreation Department, the South Placer Teen Center, and a host of other youth and young adult volunteers.

Rocklin High School senior, Ashley Hay (right front) organized a Debate Competition with her peers to practice debate skills on current issues
The graffiti workshop
Stand-Up Get Down event attendees learn some line dancing steps
The Photovoice project gives youth the opportunity to tell the story of their environment through their own eyes using photography
The final product of the graffiti workshop

CALY Members Attend CADCA Mid-year Leadership Training Summer 2016

Youth and adult coalition members attended the CADCA Mid-year Leadership Training in Summer 2016. Pictured below: Jensen and Michelle from Auburn worked on assessing our community, mapping local conditions and identifying 7 strategies for community change related to youth substance use in Auburn. Also pictured: CALY Program Director, Shelley Rogers, CALY Leadership member, Dan Beltran, and Boys & Girls Club Teen Center Director, Melody Stockwell.

2016 Office of Traffic Safety Youth Summit

Coalition for Placer Youth co-sponsored a group of 12 Placer County residents to attend the 2016 Office of Traffic Safety Youth Summit in Anaheim, which included 7 students from three Rocklin high schools.

2016 CPY Summer Leadership Retreat

The 2016 Coalition for Placer Youth Leadership Training provided training on understanding how to use social media to increase prevention outreach in addition to a deeper understanding of coalition goals and strategies. The group bonding activities were the highlight of course!