Social Host Ordinance

The following communities in Placer and Nevada Counties have Social Host Ordinances currently in effect:

Click on the links below to read the specifics of each ordinance.

 “Parents are giving kids alcohol. It happens a lot. It makes binge drinking more acceptable.” 

– Placer County Teen

Be a Responsible Host

Be a part of the solution and protect your teen against the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Make the following commitments

  • I will have ongoing conversations with my teen about our family expectations and boundaries regarding underage tobacco use, vaping, alcohol, marijuana/cannabis, other illegal drugs and non-prescribed medications.
  • I will assure parties or events held at my home are properly supervised and without any substances accessible to minors.
  • I will notify a neighbor or another responsible adult about our absence if I am out of town.
  • I will prevent my teen’s friends from driving if I know or suspect they have been drinking or using drugs.
  • I welcome any parent or guardian of a teen attending a party at my home to call and check on party details, times, supervision and any other concerns.

How to talk to your teen

  • Create an environment of trust and understanding by sharing values, family history and the harms of teen substance use and abuse.
  • Define clear, consistent boundaries and expectations around substance use and abuse.
  • Actively listen and give your teen room to voice his or her own views and feelings.
  • Talk about how to handle situations your teen may encounter.
  • Be rational and don’t overreact.
  • Be calm and non-judgmental.
  • Don’t lecture, exaggerate, interrupt or make false claims.
  • You don’t have to be an expert – but show that you are informed. It’s ok to say you don’t know.
  • If the conversations becomes negative, let it go and continue when another opportunity develops.
  • Ongoing dialogue is the best way to keep communication flowing both ways and address situations as they come up.

Download a Door Hanger

Download Door Hanger

Click on the link above for a full size version of our Social Host Ordinance door hangers which were produced with the help of the Placer County Youth Commissioners and Sierra College.


Students from the national award winning Whitney High School Broadcasting program produced a PSA to support the many reasons Social Host Ordinances are important. This project was also supported by a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety along with other support by Friday Night Live, the Placer County Youth Commission and the Coalition for Placer Youth.