Youth share about alcohol and other drug use in their community and the challenges facing youth today with respect to stress and other mental health issues.

The voices of youth say it all in this video produced by Omni Youth Programs. Click on the image above to watch the short video.

Auburn Hip-Hop Congress produced video “Lyrics, Legends, Leaders” – a product of the Writing and Reciting course.

Youth in Rocklin were interviewed during a youth prevention event. They talk about what they like to do and what they want to see more of in their community.

“Don’t give up.”  – Whitney Woerz on teen mental health challenges

One of the Top Teen Ted Talk Picks:  “How to talk so people will listen.” – Julian Treasure

“Who you are.” – Eddie Barraza

This is an inspirational video by a local young person about conquering our personal demons.

“How to make stress your friend.”  Kelly McGonigal

“What adults can learn from kids.” – Top 9 TED Talk videos from teens.