2017 Raising Placer Summer Leadership Retreat

The Coalition for Placer Youth partnered with even more organizations for this year’s 2017 Summer Leadership Retreat, making it a true example of the Raising Placer Collaborative. There were 75 attendees (50 were youth). Youth from Boys and Girls Club, Placer County Youth Commission, and students throughout Placer County learned leadership skills and the most current information on tobacco, drug, and alcohol prevention. Sessions included: self-care for leaders, teen wellness, the effects of sleep deprivation, stress, mindfulness practice, how to be trauma-informed peers, and how to utilize social media for good while avoiding becoming an online target.

Team bonding activities taking place during the cool morning of the 2017 Raising Placer Summer Leadership Retreat at Quarry Park in Rocklin. These awesome activities for the 75 attendees (50 youth and 25 adult advocates) were led once again by the wonderful Paul Burke from Blacktop Comedy along with our new partners at the Placer County Y.E.S. Program for young people at risk. Everyone loved these activities before the summer heat set in.