CADCA 2022 Highlights

The Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth (CALY) sent a dynamic team to the 2022 CADCA National Leadership Forum in February 2022. This video highlights their experiences in Washington, D.C. The Forum provided an opportunity to learn about best practices to prevent substance use disorders and mental illness from our nation’s leading researchers and scientists and successful coalitions from across the country. Our team also met with our Congressional and Senate representatives to share about the impact of youth substance use in our communities and how our coalition is working to address these challenges.

Prescription Drug Take-Back Day April 2022

Please help us SAVE LIVES by following these 3 steps:

LOCK: Keep medication out of sight and in a safe and secure place.

MONITOR: Keep track of your medication and take only as directed. Monitor your remaining doses. And, don’t share your medication with others.

TAKE BACK: Drop off unused or expired medications at the Placer County locations mentioned on the flyer above on Saturday, April 30, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Can’t make this event? Scan the QR code on the flyer above or click HERE for a list of permanent drop off locations.

Prescription Drug Take-Back Day October 2021

Saturday, October 23, 2021 at LIMITED LOCATIONS!

Please help us SAVE LIVES by following these 3 steps:

LOCK: Keep medication out of sight and in a safe and secure place.

MONITOR: Keep track of your medication and take only as directed. Monitor your remaining doses. And, don’t share your medication with others.

TAKE BACK: If you live in Auburn or Lincoln, drop off unused or expired medications at the locations mentioned on the attached flyer on Saturday, October 23, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you live outside of Auburn and Lincoln, please visit our website for a list of permanent drop off locations.

6th Annual Raising Placer Leadership Retreat

In June of 2021, we hosted a Leadership Retreat
If you missed any of the sessions, you can watch the recordings below.

Session 1:
Kick Off Day

Session 1a:
Get Out and Play with Disc Golf – Respecting our Game!

Join in for a fun day in nature, and learn the basics of disc golf to encourage a healthy outlet. We will be discussing the importance of respect and equality on and off the field. Serenity will be sharing her greatest tips on how to play disc golf effectively while having fun too! Each participant will be receiving discs donated by Throw Pink Disc Golf, and goodie bags put together from El Dorado disc sports and other sponsors, along with some other surprises!

Host: Serenity Madison is the 2021 United States Women’s Disc Golf Champion, an aspiring Professional Disc Golfer, competing nationwide in the disc golf scene. She is sponsored by organizations like Throw Pink Disc Golf, Sublime Disc Dyes, Legit Apparel, and FlighTowel. 

Session 1b:
Creating Shields of Strength Art Project

Learning to understand ourselves, our families, our community through storytelling, art and writing fun.

Host: Stan Padilla is a community artist, storyteller and educator. He has been working with youth for over 40 years.

Session 1c:
Finding Your Medicine

Sierra Native Alliance will facilitate this session where youth will learn about the tradition and symbolism of medicine bags and healing herbs. Each participant will have an opportunity to create their own “medicine” bag with local herbs and plants and share in the talking circle.

Host: Loren Nakai, Navajo is a certified SUD counselor, received BS Industrial Organization Psychology East Bay University. Loren has 20 years of experience providing traditional health education, spiritual advisement and traditional counseling services in the Native American community. Being a traditional singer, enjoys working with youth, elders and all walks of life.v

Session 2:
Game Changers – A Creative Space for Gamers & Content Creators (Unlocking YouTube, Twitch & More)

In this workshop, we will explore the world of Content Creation & Live-Streaming, through the lens of Gamers, Videographers, YouTubers, Artists, Musicians, Actors, Entertainers and Hip Hop Educators.

Students/Participants will hear from a variety of creators & learn about the tools they use to create; with time reserved for Q&A.

As a group we will discuss what it takes to start a Twitch or YouTube channel, different creative approaches, how to effectively build a following and more.

We will also share tips for internet safety and how best to deal with online bullying, trolls etc

Participants will be encouraged to share about their (channel) ideas and goals.

And to plan/brainstorm creative ways to get a message out to the world, using these tools and their platform.

Hosts: Rocky Zapata with “Gamechanger Team” youth and our mentors, Courtney Chambers and DJJ Joseph Torres, CoU’RaGe Christian Couto & Duston Machado

About the Hosts:

  • Rocky Zapata: Videographer/ Editor/ Youth Mentor/ Community Organizer/  Public Speaker/ Podcast Producer/ Event Planner/ Co-founder of Auburn Hip Hop Congress 
  • DJJ: Hip-Hop Artist/ Producer/ Public Speaker/ Twitch Streamer/ Content Creator 
  • Courtney Chambers: Actor/ Casting/ Content Creator, Holistic Health Practitioner/ Beauty & Lifestyle Expert
  • Christian Couto aka Couhustlehard: Emcee/Podcaster/ Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Counselor/ Youth Mentor/ Advocate/ Gamechanger 
  • Duston Machado: Muralist/ Visual Artist/ Graff Writer/ Graphic Designer/ YouTuber 

Session 3:
Stand Up! Speak out! Make Change! – How to Make a Positive Difference in Your Community

In this workshop, we will hear from youth working on some exciting projects in their communities. We will also break down a simple model/template that contributes to youth making great change. Leaders from local youth groups are also invited to share what they are excited to be working on! Whether you are already connected with a group making a difference in the community or would like to get involved in issues that are important to you, this workshop will give you the foundation to make real change.

Host: Natalie Zapata is the Co-Founder of local youth arts group, Auburn Hip Hop Congress and also a small nontraditional high school, Academy of BLAH (Business, Leadership, Arts & Humanities). She has been working with youth to make a difference in her community for 25+ years.

Session 4
R.A.P. (Rhythm and Poetry)

Join us as local finest Real Raza Music, and International Touring Artist, J Ross Parrelli, join together for Rhythm and Poetry. Using art, music, and movement, students will build awareness of self, community, creativity, and culture. We will provide opportunities for students to discover and utilize their voice in effective means of communication, healing, entertainment, and connection. Students will explore beat making, lyric and song writing, and the basics of recording, using Bandlab (smartphone and chrome compatible).

Hosts: J Ross Parrelli & Raza

About the Host: 
J Ross – Teaching Artist/ Mentor/ AUSD Board of Education, co-founder, Curriculum Development, and Creative Director

Session 5: 
Hope from the Heart

Going through challenging times is almost a certainty, especially for teenage community leaders.  Join the Hope Dealer to learn the science behind living and thriving through your challenges, gaining perspective along your journey, and offering a helping hand to those less fortunate.

Host: Jeremy Bates, the HOPE Dealer, uses music and storytelling to engage and inspire hope. “Often times we understand who we are by first exploring who we are not. In times of challenge, we learn about ourselves by how we engage hope for a brighter future.”

Join Placer County Youth Commission

placer county youth commission logo

#placeryouth #bethechangeinyourcommunity

If you would like to help make a change in your community, have some fun, and meet amazing new people, apply for the Placer County Youth Commission. PCYC is group of youth from all over Placer County that works together to address issues impacting youth right now.

​Currently accepting applications for the 2021/2022 year. All applications are DUE May 31, 2021, by 11:59 pm.


Virtual Town Hall on Fentanyl Poisonings & Overdose April 2021

virtual town hall fentanyl

In response to recent Fentanyl poisonings and overdose deaths in Placer County, we hosted a Virtual Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. 

Please watch the recording below to learn how to prevent poisonings and overdose, where to access harm reduction resources, where to get help for substance use or mental health challenges, and how to talk with teens and adults in your life that may be at risk. Panel members shared experiences, updates and resources to raise awareness and prevent further loss.

Q&A from Virtual Town Hall
Resources List
Fentanyl Test Strip Instructions

English Version
Spanish Version

Prescription Drug Take-Back Day April 2021

prescription take back flyer

Saturday, April 24, 2021 at LIMITED LOCATIONS!

Please help us SAVE LIVES by following these 3 steps:

LOCK: Keep medication out of sight and in a safe and secure place.

MONITOR: Keep track of your medication and take only as directed. Monitor your remaining doses. And, don’t share your medication with others.

TAKE BACK: If you live in Auburn or Lincoln, drop off unused or expired medications at the locations mentioned on the attached flyer on Saturday, April 24, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you live outside of Auburn and Lincoln, please visit our website for a list of permanent drop off locations.

Nevada-Placer Regional Opioid Summit

In July 2020, as part of Granite Wellness Centers’ Youth Opioid Response project, we hosted the Nevada-Placer Regional Opioid Summit.

This 4-part online series was facilitated by Dr. Corey Waller, a nationally recognized expert in Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health.

If you missed the event, you can watch the recordings here:

Watch Recorded Webinars

Substance Use Disorder and the Developing Brain
Dr. Corey Waller discusses the structures of the brain that are most affected by the early utilization of substances. It includes the common behavioral changes that align with these structures and how these can be mitigated.

Trauma & Substance Use Disorder
Dr. Corey Waller discusses the neurobiology of trauma and how we can mitigate its effects on the life of a person seeking help with substance use disorder or mental health disorder.

Addressing Opiate Use Disorders in Pregnant & Parenting Women
Dr. Corey Waller discusses the best practices that should be incorporated to identify, treat, and follow the mothers and their newborns who are affected by Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

Addressing Opiate Use Disorders in Justice-Involved Populations
Dr. Corey Waller discusses the approach to the treatment of addiction in the justice-involved population and how we can bend the OD curve for this population.

The Coalition for Placer Rocklin Youth ended its grant funding on September 30, 2019

The Youth Substance Use Prevention Toolkit

The Coalition for Placer/Rocklin Youth ended its grant funding on September 30, 2019.  Please refer to the Prevention Toolkit and this website to meet your prevention/wellness needs. The Prevention Toolkit has a host of resources and local contacts.

Meanwhile, the website continues to be maintained by the Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth, Granite Wellness Centers, Coalition for Roseville Youth and Placer County Department of Public Health. This will ensure the community continues to have access to a growing body of resources.


4th Annual Raising Placer Summer Leadership Retreat in Rocklin

This is a collaborative collage created by over 55 youth and their adult mentors at our 4th Annual Raising Placer Summer Leadership Retreat in Rocklin on July 18, 2019. Coordinated by Coalition for Placer Youth and the Raising Placer Community Collaborative, this session and retreat was facilitated by Odyssey for Youth. Each square was painted by a participant as part of the whole. This leadership practice through art expresses the value we each have as individuals in our community. Without our unique and equally valuable piece, the picture is not complete. While painting their individual pieces, participants learned refusal skills and how to be more supportive peers while practicing self-care.

Some of the other Raising Placer contributing partners and/or participants of this event were:  The Placer County Youth Commission, Coalition for Roseville Youth, Placer County Public Health, Placer County Children’s System of Care, Placer County Youth Empowerment Support Program (Y.E.S.), and Placer County Office of Education. Other partner contributors to this piece were: Odyssey for Youth, Roseville Police Athletic League, Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth, Lincoln Foundry, KidsFirst, Auburn Hip Hop Congress, Wellness Together, the South Placer Teen Center, Core Connectivity, 180 Church, and Sutter Center for Psychiatry; all collaborative partners of Raising Placer.

Leveraging Partnerships in Planning or Hosting a Communities Talk event

Underage drinking touches many aspects of a community or college campus so it’s important to involve as many individuals in the community as possible in a Communities Talk: Town Hall Meeting to Prevent Underage Drinking event. Partnering with elected officials, law enforcement professionals, school administrators and educators, parent and student organizations, faith-based organizations, local media and businesses can help increase a Communities Talk event’s reach and impact. Partners can provide a wealth of support for an event, such as recruiting or obtaining event speakers, promoting the event, offering a venue, supplying volunteers, and donating door prizes and giveaways.

Parent Resource Nights 2018

Western Placer Unified School District is hosting a series of PARENT RESOURCE NIGHTS for the Lincoln community. The Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth (CALY) and other community partners are presenting and providing important resources. Pizza and refreshments provided. 

2017 Youth Summit

Placer County Youth Commissioners attend the 2017 Youth Summit in Anaheim, California. This event was co-sponsored by the Coalition for Rocklin Youth, the Coalition for Auburn & Lincoln Youth, the Placer County Youth Commission, Friday Night Live and the California Office of Traffic Safety. A total of 13 youth and adults from Placer County attended this 3 1/2 day training with over 700 other youth working on health, wellness and safety prevention efforts from around California.

Pictured here from left to right are youth commissioners Claire Jordan, Justin Kim, Catherine Colella, Rahul Bavirisetty, Savannah Rice, Doris Romero and Allisyn Marks.
Placer County Youth Ambassador Srinjay Verma (left) and Placer County Youth Commissioner Mitchell Herbert (right), both Rocklin high school students, participate in prevention activities and training

Lincoln Police Chief Discusses the Benefits of the New Social Host Ordinance

Thursday, members of of the Youth Commission spoke with students at Lincoln High School about the city’s new Social Host Ordinance. Lincoln is the latest city in Placer County to adopt such a policy.

If a person is caught hosting a party with kids drinking or using drugs, that person can be charged $1,000 by the city. Plus the District Attorney can also charge them with an infraction or a misdemeanor. For minors hosting these parties, their parents will be held responsible.

Rocklin and Roseville have already used their ordinances to dole out fines.

“We’re actually hoping that this serves as a deterrent. That would be my view of a success, is to not use the ordinance,” Lincoln Police Chief Doug Lee said.

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