Youth Lead Press Conference in September 2017 Regarding the City of Auburn’s New Social Host Ordinance

Placer County Youth Commissioners and Placer High School students led a Press Conference in September 2017 regarding the City of Auburn’s new Social Host Ordinance which holds adults accountable for allowing underage drinking or other drug use at parties or gatherings.

Pictured here from left to right are Principal Caminiti, Placer High School, John Ruffcorn, Public Safety Director and Chair of CALY, Supervisor Jim Holmes, Mayor Matt Spokely, Jeff Brown, Director of HHS, Shelley Rogers, CALY Program Director, Christina Ivazes, Public Health Educator and CPY Program Director, Youth Commissioners Claire Jordan, Catherine Colella, Claire Breckenridge, Placer High School student Blake Baughman, and Youth Commissioners Allisyn Marks and Rahul Bavirisetty.